Pediatric Grand Rounds on unique program - wrestling in schools to combat bullying and obesity

CHARM Core Lead, Dr. Esteban Burchard’s friend and college study partner, Carlos Levexier gave a pediatric grand rounds on October 29th at SFGH on his unique program called Super HERO aiming to reduce bullying and obesity in SF schools by introducing wrestling in elementary programs.

A replica of the Super H.E.R.O. League is being employed in Africa today.

South Sudan, the newest country in the world employed a wrestling league to address tribal violence. As a result, tribes who were raiding each other's villages for cattle and killing each other, are visiting each.other. Wives whose husbands were killed in previous raids are cooking for previous enemies. The wrestling company was started by a former member of the "Lost Boys of Sudan" who received asylum in America and graduated from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013