From KQED Radio - A SFGH Doctor's Perspective on Immigrants Fleeing Central America and Coming to SFGH


Welcome Home

Dr. Clem Donahue examines a young Honduran immigrant and hopes that California comes to mean home to his family, too.

There's a woman standing in front of me with a GPS ankle bracelet like she's a criminal. Only she's a mom. Her boy, a profoundly innocent middle schooler, isn't either. Two months earlier, they fled Honduras for a better life here. The bracelet is Immigration's way of keeping track of her. They're in my pediatric clinic at San Francisco General. She's making sure he has his physical and vaccinations before school starts. Just like I do with my three boys. They came here because her son was pressured to work for the cartel back home, and saying no wasn't an option. Right now, they need stable housing. Read and Listen to the perspective

Friday, August 22, 2014