Come join the online conversation on Technology and Vulnerable Populations at the Innovation HealthJam!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Come join the online conversation on Technology and Vulnerable Populations!

CVP is participating in the upcoming Innovation HealthJam on June 17, 18, 19.

This online brainstorming event will bring together healthcare providers, healthcare technology companies, universities, patient advocacy groups, trade associations, and government agencies from the healthcare industry to discuss how innovation can address healthcare challenges.

CVP will be participating in the Health Innovation for Vulnerable Populations - Worldwide topic area. This area will focus on the impact of health innovations in populations that are currently under-resourced and whose healthcare needs are grossly underserved. To move from the potential of health innovation to truly delivering measurable worldwide benefit, we must understand the local and global challenges, including target needs, infrastructure, cultures and incentives and we must also establish systematic monitoring of interventions for effectiveness.

Join CVP in discussing these issues, register here.